We aim for MonetaHawk (MNH) to be the solution to the issues currently facing the industry and set a new standard when it comes to crypto currency exchanges. The main idea of the project is for the possibility of new coins becoming more popular. A professional pool with modern interface, integrated marketplace and functionality all combine for a way to support new coins, and here on MonetaHawk everyone can support them. We are committed to develop a platform that will bring cryptocurriencies and blockchain assets to the masses. Users will be able to unlock premium features and receive discounts upto 60% on various fees by utilizing the MNH tokens on the platform. Our integrated marketplace is a way that lets users avoid extra fees on withdrawals. Our goal is to develop MNH into the most trusted exchange in the world. We plan to do this by:

Token Value Enhancement Plan

We eventually will destroy 79 Million MNH token through our MNH quarterly burn program (see white paper), leaving 21 million MNH in circulation, which is equivalent to Bitcoin, so the price of MNH is bound to grow exponentially in few years from now.

MonetaHawk Token Holder's Privileges

Trading Fees Discount

MNH token holders will get flat 60% discount in trading fee for minimum 3 years. We at MonetaHawk want our users to get handsome saving in form of trading fees discount while enjoy premium features of MonetaHawk exchange.

Withdrawal Fees Discount

MNH holders will have privilege to choose withdrawal fee option. MNH holders will get a flat discount of 40% in Exchange withdrawal fee (if option token).

Listing fee discount

Any entity who is willing to list their token on MonetaHawk platform will get 50% discount in listing fee. If they are holding MNH tokens on MonetaHawk Exchange.

Exclusive Airdrops

We will have exclusive airdrop program for MNH holders in collaboration with quality ICO’s, who are willing to launch their ICO on our platform to take our ICO launch service or entities, who want to list their tokens after ICO or existing tokens on MonetaHawk platform to get priority listing.

ICO Tokens at Discounted Price

When MonetaHawk underwrites an ICO, MNH token holders will be able to get future ICO tokens at significantly lower rates. The amount of ICO tokens that a MNH token holder can get at a lower rate, will vary as per no. of tokens holding by individual and his trading preference against MNH pairs.

Exclusive Trading Promo

We will organise exclusive trading promo’s on the MonetaHawk platform in collaboration with listed or new listing tokens to distributed exclusive free airdrop to those MNH holders who choose to trade against MNH pairs.

Voting Listing

Participate in voting to select premium projects to be listed on the platform.

Community Governance

MNH holders can participate in the decision-making of major business matters and the formulation of relevant governance rules by participating in smart contract voting or participating in smart contract voting in the future, or by participating in the consultation of platform meetings and community meetings.

Profit Distribution

Distribute not less than 30% trading fees of the platform to MNH Holders.