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Dear Applicants,

We are excited to know that you're interested to have your tokens listed on the MONETAHAWK Exchange platform. But before we do this, we'd like to understand you and your project better.

*Filling in this application form does not guarantee that your token will be listed on MONETAHAWK exchange.

* MONETAHAWK team will review this form weekly. if your token meets the criteria as one of the nominees, we will inform you.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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1: Project team leader, his/her profile, and contact information´╝łPlease provide telephone & email) *

2: Project Name *

3: Project official website *

4: Link to the latest version of the project white paper (Any revising will affect coin listing) *

5: Is the project tokens based on ERC20? *

6: When was your coin first issued? or plan? *

7: Total amount and issuing rules of your coin? *

8: Distribution details of your coin? *

9: What kind of cryptocurrency is your coin? (Public Blockchain Token, Fork Token, ERC20 Token, ICO Token etc.) *

10: If it is ICO token, what are the price details? What cryptocurrency did you raised, BTC, ETH or others?

11: Coin price?(Pre-sale,public offering) *

12: ICO Quantity And Proportion? *

13: History record of your ICO, including total ICO amount and used time,or specific your plan *

14: Current Total Market Value?

15: Current Total Market Value?

16: What exchanges are your coin traded on? *

17: Code open-source URL of your coin (for example, Github link) *

18: How many community users do you have now? (Please specific communities and amount of users) *